Anyone else get lost in the natural beauty and skincare section at Whole Foods? I definitely do. The Marketing team behind Whole Foods’ shelving knows what they’re doing because as much as I tell myself I am not going to leave with anything from those sections, I find myself leaving with products from those sections. With that said, let’s get to the mini haul.

1. Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime

Did you know that there’s a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants? Antiperspirants actually clog your pores and is made with aluminum. This is a fair-priced all natural deodorant that is good for you, and smells great! It comes in , , and , but I thought the lime + bergamot scent smelled the best!

2. Illuminating Pacha Soap Co

This caught my eye as I was walking towards the cheese section of Whole Foods. Grocery markets and their strategic marketing sometimes works, and this product is a result of that. This is a soap scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes your body! Loving this product so far, and it’s a great price for the amount that is in the container! Also comes in

3. Aura Cacia Cooling Peppermint

I’ve been loving essential oils lately, and since I already had the aura cacia lavender essential oil, I decided to go for this one. Peppermint is supposed to open up your sinuses if you have a stuffy nose, and it’s supposed to wake you up as well. This comes in a rollerball case which makes application very simple and easy

4. Earth Therapeutics Headband

This was on sale, and I was looking for headband that would perfect while washing my face to keep all my hair pulled back. This is a pretty standard headband, and it does just what I need it to do!

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