Podcasts make the simple parts of life (commutes, laundry, cleaning, etc.) better because they help me stay consistent with learning. I decided to gather the podcasts I am loving, and share them with you. They’re each fairly unique, and the only commonality between them is that they have to do with the media industry in one way or another. If you’re a big podcast fan, I would love to hear about podcasts you love and listen to!

1. We Should Make a Podcast155049

I am thrilled that Grace and Mark decided to make a podcast. Even though they’re not claiming to be experts on anything, they have a lot of wisdom to share from their personal experiences. These two are absolutely hilarious and you will not regret listening to their podcast. They put out new episodes every Wednesday and if you donate to them, their podcast will continue to run AND you might get something out of it. For example, for $5 you can get a shoutout, for $30 they’ll talk about anything you want ON the podcast for 5 minutes, and for $50 they will write a song about you and perform it. It’s a win-win in all situations. Their most recent episode “What’s the Deal with Media Careers?” is the answer to many questions if you are interested in the media industry – specifically freelance and news.


2. The Goal Digger Podcastgoaldiggerlogo

Jenna Kutcher is like the cool aunt who has an awesome profession and gives great advice. She provides you with knowledge on how to achieve your goals based on her own experiences in the media industry. Sometimes she interviews people who are also a part of the industry, but have different perspectives. When listening to this podcast you will learn more about how to succeed in media, and  you will most likely find yourself relating to something that is said. Jenna offers a perspective that provides both help and hope.


3. That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse1200x630bb-1

If you’ve ever wondered about what goes down during an audition, then this is the podcast for you. As Alyshia Ochse interviews several Hollywood influencers, you will hear about their audition tales and the survival skills they gained throughout their career. I particularly enjoyed the audition tales of Alexa Penavega (Spy Kids) , Carlos Penavega (Big Time Rush), Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), and Monique Coleman (High School Musical). They each provided me with a better understanding of the acting side of the industry.


4. The GaryVee Audio Experience1200x630bb

Listening to Gary Vaynerchuck truly is an experience. Every single time I listen to him I feel empowered and motivated. One of my future goals is to meet him. He grew his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million a year. He is an entrepreneur genius. Enough said.


5. The Happy Hour with Jamie IveyHappy-Hour-Logo-Clear

Jamie Ivey is very charming and refreshing. Love her personality and character, and you can see that shine through in this podcast. One of my favorite interviews she did is with Catherine Lowe from The Bachelor. I learned a lot about what was going on behind-the-scenes and I find these stories so fascinating because I am a part of this industry. ALSO here’s a confession – sometimes I love watching adoption stories because I think they are so wonderful, and Jamie Ivey has one of her own. Watch “The Ivey Story” if you have a heart for adoption, or want to watch something beautiful.

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