R. House is located at 301 W 29th St in Baltimore MD. It has an industrial, modern feel to it and contains 10 different restaurant stalls. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a food spot with lots of options (Belvedere Square and Mt. Vernon Marketplace are also great too).

So far I have tried food at 7 out of 10 stalls, and wanted to share my experience and recommendations with you. Hopefully this will help you decide what to try next time you are at R. House!




Ground & Griddled


Amano Taco

  • Pollo Guajillo – $3.75 | antibiotic-free chicken, pickled onion, cilantro, chipotle crema

  • Puerco Criollo – $3.75 | pork butt, pickled onion, cilantro, spicy jalapeño sauce 
  • Camarones Morita – $4.25 | spicy shrimp, sautéed corn, cabbage, cilantro, lime cilantro aioli 
  • REVIEW: I would definitely get these again! Love the flavor, and the chance to try 3 different tacos for $11.75 in total is a great price. These are more filling than they look, so depending on your hungry versus hangry levels then 2 tacos should typically suffice.


Be. bim

  • Korean BBQ Bowl with Beef Bulgogi – $13.50 | make it your own
  • REVIEW: I love korean bbq, and to get this bowl, you basically undergo the same process as getting a burrito bowl at Chipotle. This is one of my go-to’s when I am very hungry and I always end up with leftovers which is a plus. Tip – if you wanna add an extra spicy factor, ask them to combine the gochujang sauce with the sesame soy sauce.



  • Beef Shawarma – $8.50 | locally sourced, ARBA prepared & carved 
  • Farid’s Falafel – $6.50 | chickpea fritters made by Farid 
  • Lamb Burger – $8.50
  • Make it a platter – $4.00 | add one Mezze your choice and a small house salad
  • Eggplant Fries – $5.00
  • Hummus – $5.00 | comes with pita
  • REVIEW: This is my favorite counter at R. House. I remember when I briefly met Farid (the owner) he made it a point to get to know my name, and you can tell he has a great relationship with his customers. From what I have tried thus far (which is a lot) you cannot go wrong with anything from the menu. My personal favorites are the falafel and the hummus!




White Envelope | Arepa Bar

  • El Chicharron aka “The Crackling” – $9.50 | pork crackling arepa, grilled white cheese, pickled red onions, cilantro mojo

  • REVIEW: I had such high expectations for this stall but unfortunately I was left disappointed. Let me start by saying I have never had arepas prior to this experience BUT I had heard about how arepas are both cheesy and delicious. I asked the woman working behind the counter for the most popular arepa and she recommended this one. Considering the price and the fact that I was still hungry after eating the arepa, I would pass on this. One day I will give it another chance but it will probably be at a different restaurant.


Little Baby’s Ice Cream

HILO Poke & Sushi

  • Spicy Hawaiian – $14.95 | ahi tuna and salmon with spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber, red onion, jalapeño, cherry tomato, diced mango, kaiware sprout, macadamia nut, edamame, cilantro, seaweed salad, & crispy garlic

  • REVIEW: I tried my first sushi burrito at Hai Street Kitchen & Co in Philadelphia. I was a little skeptical at first but it was actually very delicious. Fast forward to now and I felt the same skepticism in regard to getting a poke bowl. Like the sushi burrito, the poke bowl did not disappoint. It is fresh, light, and fills you up way more than you think.  Note –  I substituted the salmon with Shrimp Tempura, and having the option to customize your poke bowls is an awesome addition. This is the most expensive food I’ve gotten at R.House but this is worth it if you are craving sushi but want something that will fill you up more.


Stall 11

  • Earth Mother Smoothie Bowl – $8.00 | kale, banana, spinach, hemp seed, coconut yogurt, almond milk
  • REVIEW: When my friend got this, she said “it tastes like bananas”. So if you like bananas, there’s a high chance you will love this smoothie bowl

r. bar

  • Great beer selection overall. Unfortunately I cannot find the menu we had containing the craft beers and I do not recall the exact name or price of the beer because I think they change it based on the season. However, what I do remember is how well it paired with our lamb burger and tacos.

Stall 11 & HILO


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